I've recently read several books on "body and soul", and I'm familiar with the 300 Tang poems, so I can recite them even if I don't know how to compose them, so when I come across something, and see the content of the book, I'll write something. I don't mean to make the content difficult to understand, but the feelings here are really hard to describe in straightforward language. For example, the disappearance of contradictions, unity, the big self, the present moment and the real, and so on. However, the contradiction has always existed; how do I divide the size; the outside world is so flowery, how can I have the energy to pay attention to the present moment ...... This is indeed the most intuitive feelings of ordinary people.

I am a science and technology straight man who loves science and technology, how did I somehow get into this field and read these kinds of books? Maybe it is really too anxious. Get money, can not get, looking at others and envy and anxious; money loss, especially more, every day and every night, but also be said to be a nigger. Who is not anxious? May be out of fear of failure, may also be out of the pursuit of wisdom, I really read the "power of the moment" and read the "stupid book". But it really didn't help with getting real money and solving real problems. One can't be in debt and feel good about oneself as a thief at the same time, can it be that the creditors are coming after me! I still meditate at home?

To contact this aspect, one needs to be strong in oneself, including solid knowledge, good health, family harmony, job stability, and good relationships, so that to contact these metaphysics again may be the icing on the cake. Without these, one is likely to go astray. When the base is firm, then talk about infinity and freedom, then talk about the universe and the present moment. Otherwise it's easy to go off the deep end and fool yourself with bubbles. It's a particularly joyful feeling to be able to focus on the present moment and the real, but that's the natural birth of many, many things when they're done well, and pursuing those is first and foremost when everything is pretty good.