When we moved, the books filled a whole box, and I was especially embarrassed when the master came to move them because they were really too heavy.

"It's pretty rare that someone still reads so many books nowadays."

I also laughed and said, work relationship needs a lot of study, very lame reason. I used to send home every year the books I'd read this year, and it seemed like that was all I got all year long. I haven't sent much in the last couple years, and I've been reading a lot more e-books, but I've still accumulated a whole box of them.

Every book I have read, they are the friends I made in Hangzhou. I am not a person who likes to socialize, the few times someone asked me to go play, but then did not follow up, I also easily forgive them, because I then have time to read again, always so comforting.

When fall arrived, I thought about how spring came and went without a spring trip; how summer came and went nowhere, and how I was the only one looking at the flowers and plants and existing. However, there were so many times when I suddenly got sad, and even wanted to cry a little, because I hadn't gone on a spring trip yet, and I had obviously said yes to all of them. But how can one want everything?

I think the poem I wrote the moment the universe hit me was a gift from my "friends". Someone asked me the other day, "Did you write all the poems on the instant? I said yes.

I think many people would like to be my friend, and I like to be my friend. When watching the master strain to carry the book, I know how cool this friend is. And there are some people who never realized they were the flowers of the universe, the peach trees, the stars, and I had several moments where I knew it all too well.

I held myself like I owned the flower, the peach tree, and the star.