Entertainment to Death is a human perspective on how technology interacts with and transforms human beings.

If you think that "technology" is also a kind of life, if you still think that life doesn't care about right or wrong, but only about continuity, then congratulations, in the process of reading this book, you may be like me, can't help but tell the author: born as a human being, a little arrogant, don't be necessary.

This book is a critique and reflection of the fact that after television came out, because of its entertainment properties, human beings stopped reading and thinking deeply. However, the life of "TV", it does not care. Instead, it takes advantage of the favorable environment created by the natural ability of human beings to save energy, and continues to grow itself, and it does not care that human beings are even more stupid as a result.

The author, as a defender of the human camp, speaks out, as he should, but he obviously also feels that this battle between humans and television will end with humans surrendering.

I think the title of the book may be a bit of an exaggeration, because what "TV" wants is not even the "death" of the human race, but its own continuity. Only when the environment changes, only when the TV remains unchanged, the TV can die, standing in 2022, I think the TV has already reached the end of the old age.

I do not want to stand in the human perspective, to discuss like "TV" "Internet" "blockchain" and other technology emergence to the human mind, society, the way of doing things brought about by the change, to say good or bad are It's arrogant.

I don't want to stand in the perspective of "technology" and discuss how to bravely embrace and change ourselves, or explain them with "evolutionary theory".

I want to take a cosmic view, where there is no right or wrong, only existence and documentation.

Carbon-based or silicon-based organisms are all part of the universe, accomplishing, playing, transforming, and interacting with each other, and the universe is silent but thriving. The Earth and humans at a given time are but a corner and a moment of the universe. Discussing how television has invaded humanity is the significance of a particular moment in a particular corner, and at some point can give a sense of social and historical coordinates.

Television will die, and humans will become completely different than they were a hundred years ago because of other technologies, but does the universe care?

The universe is just recording the birth of the sun and the destruction of the earth, the universe is recording the attack and defense of television and mankind in an infinitely magnified moment where a small group of people are happy and sad, that's all.