I saw the previews and thought this had potential to be a good film. It may have had potential but that was squandered - in the worst possible way.

The Plot: In an alternate universe, the USA is at war with AI - which is based in 'New Asia'. A bitter former embedded spy is activated to go bring down a powerful weapon that AI has developed - which turns out to be a very lovable robot/cyborg child. From the previews I was thinking T2 meets Golden Child.

Instead it was just a real dog's breakfast. The US military was a sort of evil indiscriminate monster with one inept General at the head trying to kill as many peaceful monk robots as he could (and the nice people who wanted to coexist with the robots including kids, old people, other monks etc).

Part of me wants to go on but essentially, there was no character development, no acknowledgment of how much damage a giant thing falling from space to hit the planet would do to people a few hundred yards away, nothing really good except the young actor with the very sweet voice who played the child AI/Robot.

The movie set up improbable circumstances and situations and then acted like 'oh, that's cool, just forget about it' Even the ending was terrible. How could it not be? The movie dragged on in the first half and then jumped without notice for the last quarter as if they ran out of budget and time and were like - 'Oh shit, we only have 15 minutes to wrap everything up but we need three weeks'In short, it was just bad.

Better films have been made on budgets of $300 with a couple of iPhones and writers and directors that understand story and emotional resonance. What this film really looked like was a ChatGPT script, a budget of far too many millions dollars, and inept directing and writing. The acting wasn't terrible and the cinematography was passable. If you want to see a terrible film, this is the one for you.