I find it amazing that despite having been on 'X' for more than a decade and having invested significant time and energy into it - not to mention having paid for a verified profile - that I get more engagement on platforms where I simply copy and paste what I write there.

It's not just a glitch. It's not just a coincidence. Though I do see signs of a bit of a thaw in whatever recent shadow ban I've been under - the past few days a few people have followed me - and it has been a while since that happened.

At one point I brought my profile onto a space I was hosting with my business profile and this profile didn't show in the audience! So, it's not imagination.

Neither is it imagination that some of us are actually targeted with what I call a "campaign of annoyance".

It's not a glitch, it's not an accident. Did you ever post something and have it disappear? Did you ever go to publish and get a wheel of death and be unable to copy what you published? Did you ever have what look like software errors that happen over and over again leading to frustration that makes you want to quit?

You've been targeted.

Someone doesn't like what you have to say and they are passive aggressively annoying you to either 1) torment you 2) push you from using your voice where others can see 3) encourage you to quit.

You aren't imagining it. It's a real tactic used by tech companies (and intelligence agencies) to quiet down users/people/voices that they think are problems.