In yonder days, crypto's fire did blaze,

And NFTs flourished in fleeting light,

A degen soul, of curious ways,

Did gather tokens, treasures, day and night.

Fickle fortune turned her cruel face,

As greed's dark volcano rose up high,

And in the shadow, did fear embrace,

As dreams of riches - turned to ash and sigh.

Betwixt the gloom, the degen stood tall,

With hoodies warm - failed NFTs' embrace,

Humble cloak 'gainst chilling squall,

Shielding kin, hearts and souls to grace.

Sun bedeviled and blotted out by greed,

In hoodies worn they find the warmth they need.

Shadows deep, an ice-cold moat,

Where waters flowed, in secrets manifold,

With hoodies donned, a silent boat,

'pon murky depths and stolen fortunes fold.

The gatekeepers looked, with watchful eye,

To foil his stealthy, daring quest,

Seize a chance, of stars on high,

Broken prison, set lost dreams to rest.

In hoodies worn, the treacherous tide,

A daring gambit, in the murky night,

Whispered hopes, ventures astride,

To claim what's his, and make it right.

Shadows cast by greed may cloud the way,

But hoodies worn, seek brighter day.