I've been experimenting on Twitter/X with posting some longer form ideas and thoughts when I first wake up and then when I (mostly) sign off for the night. I try to keep RISEing thoughts focused on the values of the On Chain Monkey ecosystem - RESPECT INTEGRITY SUSTAINABILITY ENRICHMENT - or simply on bettering my world or that of others.

BED has a double meaning - I"m about to get in bed, but it's also an acronym meaning BEFORE ENDING DAY - it's more about the day and the news that it brought and how I feel about that news - or maybe just some thought I'm preoccupied with that I want to get out and be done with.

I get little to no engagement on X - so I'm going to share both RISEing Thoughts and BED Threads here on T2 and LENS.

I really hope we get the change to interact on these ideas/thoughts/musings. I put them out because I want to hear what others think of them and maybe in the process change my own thinking.

I hope you are all reading this and finding love and light in your lives.