Azurbala is a fun imaginary land (or is it) created by the fun team at Tally Labs. They also created a character called Jenkins the Valet and had him write a book called Bored and Dangerous. I recently bought this pfp (profile picture) NFT and decided to start telling stories with her. So, first of all, an introduction. The cover art is by Little Fortunes and was produced in Down Avenue.

This is Lady Kitoure, she's a princess, but you better not call her that. In fact don't even call her lady or she is likely to spit in your face. She likes to be called Kit by her friends and though she won't admit it 'boss' by those she doesn't see as her equals. Her morality is ..... unique. She is an adventurer and while her face is too well known for her to pretend not to be a royal, she leans into it while she builds a reputation of being brutal to those who go against her and fiercely loyal to those who stand with her when she is in need. Her parents have disowned her. She is the eighth in line for her mother's seat but the seven ahead of her are all formidable and much more conventional. The family sees her as a liability unless they are in need. She is close with her second oldest sister and a few cousins but the rest of the family is pretentious trash as far as she is concerned. There are rumors that she has worked as a mercenary. Without the customary royal allowance, no one is quite sure how she maintains her lavish lifestyle, though she has started her own fashion house which has a surprising market share with those who may live on the shady side of the street. Kitoure specializes in boots, jackets, gloves, and some interesting accessories that aren't for your average Azurbalan - still, kids in the streets have taken to wearing Kitoure as a symbol of their AAF attitude towards tradition. The blade she carries belonged to her grandfather. He was a bloodthirsty tyrant that killed all of his rivals (including most of his family) but then officiated from the family seat in peace for many decades. It is whispered that Kit is on a path to surpass him, but there is no solid evidence to back that up. So, it's probably not true ... right?

Lady Kitoure, a Character of Azurbala