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Unfair profit models with little creative ownership

In Web2, whether you have a hundred subscribers or a million, they aren’t really yours — they’re the platform’s. And if or when they decide to transfer to another platform, they’ll have some difficulty bringing their audiences with them.

And then there are the centralised algorithms that ultimately determine who sees their content or not. The constant changing of their algorithms have a profound effect of the earnings of these content creators, who are already at the mercy of unfair profit models, earning little for producing a lot. But no matter how much content they churn out, it will always be owned by these platforms as they are housed in their private servers.

In Web3, you own what you create

Web3 shows us what a truly supportive creative platform can be. At its core, it’s about placing ownership in the hands of its users. Through blockchain technology and the decentralization of web curation, having a centralized platform that supervises everything won’t be necessary. This gives everyone, creators or not, the freedom to create, consume, and support platforms and their creators.

A decentralized model removes the risk of profit-based centralized manipulation. And by eliminating intermediary platforms between content creators and their fans, these creators will now own 100% of their data, brand, and most importantly, their work.