Meet t/Questers, a new territory launched inside the t2 world for The Quest of Evolution community.

This territory is open to all storytellers, fictional or non-fictional. Whether you are a solo wordsmith or collaborative story weaver, join, unleash your creativity, and find your path. If you like the idea as much as we do, stay close, we have plenty of details to share.

But first, what is t2?

T2 is a transparent, decentralized, and collaborative social network around reading and writing. Their mission is to break the boundary between readers and writers and build up subculture communities.

The Decentralized Cultural Clubs

Territories (t2 subculture communities) are decentralized article clubs with collaborative ownership shared between their readers, writers, and curators.

t2 offers common ground for thousands of content communities to form and grow, with content sovereignty and shared ownership.

The Partnership

At the core of both The Quest of Evolution - TQOE - and t2 is an undying passion for storytelling and a commitment to fostering a strong community of writers and readers. We recognize the deep potential that exists when creative minds come together.

This partnership is about merging two powerful communities that share a common vision: to uplift and empower writers and readers alike.

By partnering, we are combining our strengths, resources, and networks to cultivate an even richer ecosystem for literary enthusiasts.

The Territory

The TQOE territory is dedicated to the exhilarating world of fiction where the imagination knows no boundaries, from mystical fantasy and futuristic sci-fi to intriguing mystery and beyond. Whether you're an author seeking an audience for your latest work, a reader on a quest for your next engrossing tale, or an enthusiast who savours the boundless landscapes of fiction, embark on your literary journey with us, and let your imagination take flight.

The Quest of Evolution has always been about creating bridges, fostering connections, and pioneering new ways of collaboration. For this new journey to reach its true potential, it requires the spirit and passion of every story enthusiast out there.

By being a community member of the TQOE project you can automatically get whitelisted and skip the queue to distribute your work with t2 platform and join the community on t/Questers territory. At the same time, writers on t/Quester will receive an exclusive opportunity to monetize their work with TQOE.

Your story, your voice, is the next chapter in our collective evolution.

Join us.