*** Salamun is one of the characters in the Oracle's Verse.

The Oracle's Verse is the first ever collaborative “Crypto-Novel '' and it follows the stories of 6 characters which travel through the minds of their owners, collecting unique journeys that evolve their stories, infinitely. You can learn more about it here.

Illustration by Faizal "Ganee"

Salamun sits in utter solitude. His pipe smoke curls around him as he gazes into the dark water.

Salamun always knows which way the wind will blow. Some say he just watches his pipe smoke, some say it’s what’s in the pipe smoke, but that doesn’t explain the money rolling in. Investigated on suspicion of card counting, collusion and sleight-of-hand, he remains an untouchable mystery.

Many have asked, bribed, begged for his secret, but Salamun hasn’t spoken in eight years. They say we’d know the secrets of the universe if Salamun spoke, but as it is he has silently accumulated vast amounts of wealth and everyone else is none the wiser. This explosion of affluence swiftly followed the day Salamun spoke his final words and purchased a pipe. He now has seventy five smoking jackets, drives a Bentley and dines under the soft glow of a Monet.

Salamun is sitting in utter solitude, surrounded only by trees. Not a whisper of sound. Away from the scrutiny and speculation he sits unmoving as usual, but his normally sphinx-like eyes seem clouded, faraway. After an age, he slowly removes his glasses. His pipe. A tear rolls down his cheek.


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