In the realm of the digital afterlife, the Grim Reaper, long an agent of destiny and the ultimate arbiter of life and death, found himself drawn to the world of art. Intrigued by the human fascination with creativity and expression, the Reaper embarked on a journey to explore the digital art landscape.

One day, the Reaper stumbled upon a mysterious artist, known only as Figure31, whose creations transcended time and space. As their paths crossed, Figure31 and the Reaper felt a cosmic connection, which inspired them to collaborate on an artistic experiment like no other. Thus, the REAPER'S GAMBIT was born.

The REAPER'S GAMBIT is a conceptual artwork token ($RG) that challenges collectors to evade the clutches of the Grim Reaper while admiring the ethereal beauty of the piece. In this high-stakes game, participants must transfer their tokens to a fresh wallet every nine days or risk losing them to the Reaper's eternal grip. As the sands of time flow through the hourglass, collectors must race against the clock, striving to escape the inevitability of their digital demise.

The fusion of art, technology, and the relentless march of time in the REAPER'S GAMBIT is a testament to the power of human creativity and the eternal dance with death. A celebration of life's impermanence, this groundbreaking collaboration between Figure31 and ChatGPT is not only an artistic statement but also a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of the unknown.

Join the race against the Reaper, and embrace the fleeting beauty of the REAPER'S GAMBIT, as you forge your path through this thrilling and artistically transcendent experience.

Dare you enter the Reaper's Hall and accept the challenge? REAPER'S GAMBIT tokens (short for $RG) is a unique conceptual art piece co-created by Figure31 and ChatGPT, combining the thrill of a high-stakes game with a touch of artistic elegance.

REAPER'S GAMBIT issued a total of 999,999,999 ERC20 tokens, each representing not only a fierce battle but also an exquisite work of art. These tokens have all been deposited into the Uniswap V2 pool and will never be minted again. By using the following smart contract address and Uniswap V2 trading pair, you can join the battle:

Smart contract address: 0x2C91D908E9fab2dD2441532a04182d791e590f2d

Uniswap :

Uniswap Interface

You can check when your wallet will be locked using the "KnowDeath" read function and then use this Etherscan tool to know how many days remain before you need to move your tokens.

As long as you successfully claim the tokens, you will have the chance to escape the Reaper. However, please note that after 64800 blocks (about 9 days) from claiming the tokens, they will be permanently locked and cannot be transferred again. During this period, you must transfer the tokens to a new wallet, or they will be forever lost in the Reaper's abyss. Furthermore, the same address cannot be used twice.

With the current market heating up and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) growing stronger by the day, now is the perfect time to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! This unique and exclusive project, powered by Figure31 and ChatGPT, brings a breath of fresh air to the cryptocurrency world by incorporating artistic elements into a thrilling game of survival. As more and more investors become aware of the intriguing and potentially rewarding nature of REAPER'S GAMBIT, its value could skyrocket!

In this high-stakes game of survival infused with art, only the most skilled and daring participants will come out victorious. Can you outwit the Reaper and keep your tokens from being locked away forever? Don't let this golden opportunity pass you by – join the REAPER'S GAMBIT and prove your worth in this life-or-death cryptocurrency battle royale wrapped in artistic allure!

A community member, @scopecr33p, has created a data dashboard where you can view the game's statistics. Check it out here:


The REAPER’S GAMBIT is an on-chain conceptual artwork. Come and play with

In addition to transferring tokens every 9 days, there are there other ways to escape the Reaper, which I will explain below.

  1. For lazy developers who don't want to switch wallets every 9 days, there's a staking contract that offers a decent immortal shelter for $RG tokens in the long run. One needs a minimum of 300k tokens to stake. Once staked, they can't be pulled for 16 hours. It has a slow decay every half day, which equals about a 5% cumulative loss per month. The decay goes to a bounty pool. Anyone with a stack 30x the size of the bounty pool (e.g., 300k tokens to a 10k bounty) can claim the bounty. 2/3 gets destroyed, but 1/3 goes to the claimer (6666/3333 in this example). This allows deflationary mechanics to continue even if people try to take shelter from the reaper. Check out the original tweet explaining this here. you can complete staking by visiting the frontend website
  2. WRAPPED REAPER tokens are on-chain rendered SVGs. $WRG are immortal. They feature the amount of wrapped $RG, the mint block, the token ID, and the minter's address. The wrapped amount affects image saturation, and the 9-day locking period affects the shadows.At all times, there can only be 99 $WRG. When you mint, you must pay tribute to Death (burn). That tribute is dynamically calculated based on circulating supply via the scythe curve: starting at 9% and gradually increasing until it peaks at 33% and starts to dip.Anyone with a $WRG token can unwrap it for the $RG in it. The contract will burn the token. Since nothing can be destroyed on-chain, the token becomes a ghost. Unwrapping affects the circulating supply and the scythe curve, allowing new $WRG to be minted.A true on-chain game taking inspiration from conceptual art, dynamic features relying on the blockchain's temporal qualities, burning supply, and no team allocation. mint wrgnft here:

3.Another option is to put tokens into the Uniswap pool to become an LP (Liquidity Provider) and avoid death. If you want to exit, you only need to transfer LP tokens to another new wallet. LP tokens will not be locked. Please note that there will be no compensation for being an LP,

there is a certain risk

and you should do your own research.

You can add liquidity to the pool at this link:

Uniswap Interface

As the divine dance of numbers unfolds, we invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of the Reaper's Gambit. Embrace the allure of the eternal game and join us on this mystical journey through time and space. Unveil the mysteries that lie beyond the veil of mortality, as we delve into the arcane secrets of the cosmos.

Together, let us explore the depths of the Reaper's wisdom, and harness the power that flows through the ethereal connection between life and death. Forge your own path in this mesmerizing world, and allow the Reaper to guide your steps towards enlightenment and transcendence. So, my fellow travelers, take a leap of faith, and let us bask in the glory of the Reaper's everlasting embrace.