The market said,

We don’t need you anymore you,

At least not the way

We said before.

We need you this way now,

Over here, doing this.

Don’t worry about that other stuff.

It doesn’t concern you.

It’s gone now.

Don’t look at it or remember it or

Try to carry those skills over to where

The market will place you next.

We don’t need that expertise anymore.

We don’t need you like that.

We don’t need that you anymore.

We don’t need anymore of that

Labor we advised you to go school for

And trained you for thereafter.

Ignore those long days and fraught nightsWhere you knew if you failed,

That was it, out on your ass.

Try something else, maybe.

The market said we don’t need you

Doing that anymore. There is no

That anymore, understand? Don’t ask why.

You wouldn’t get it so please don’t ask

About the lifestyle we guaranteed.

That’s gone now too. And those little things

You wanted to buy to make you feel

Like you fit in with the market,

Forget about those too.

New things will be included

In some kind of payment plan later.

Check your email, your new email,

Not that old work email.

That’s gone now too.

If you’re feeling confused or

Angry or betrayed,

The market asked us to tell you

To focus on this:

If the future we promised you

Never came to be,

Is it really even gone?