Decentralized publishing is the future of publishing—a future where authors can publish their work without intermediaries, giving them more control over both its creation and distribution.

The introduction of smart contracts has been a game-changer for writers, ensuring fair and transparent compensation for their hard work. We're excited to see writers monetizing their creations through article collections, poetry artworks, storytelling NFTs, and building vibrant communities with their readers.

Despite the immense potential, we understand that the current web3 onboarding process can be overwhelming for many writers. This has been a significant barrier preventing some talented individuals from exploring the possibilities of decentralized publishing fully.

That's why we integrated with Privy, streamlining the login process, and eliminating the need for complex crypto wallet setups.

The collaboration with Privy is a significant step towards making decentralized publishing more accessible and user-friendly. We want to encourage writers to embrace this new technology and unlock its full potential, leading to a more diverse range of content and empowering more writers to seize the opportunities it offers.

As we continue to work closely with Privy, we're determined to transform the publishing space, making it accessible to all aspiring authors and readers.

Privy's CEO, Henri Stern, shares our enthusiasm for creating a user-friendly platform powered by blockchain infrastructure: “T2 is exactly the sort of platform that we’re building Privy to serve - a mainstream end-user experience, supercharged by blockchain infrastructure under the hood, but accessible to all. Few teams embody the ethos of the future we’re working towards better than T2, and we couldn’t be prouder to be powering the onboarding and wallet infrastructure as a part of today’s launch.”

Together, t2 and Privy are on a mission to transform the publishing industry, making it more inclusive and accessible to all writers and readers. We're excited about this collaboration and look forward to a decentralized future where writers can focus on their craft, and readers can enjoy a wide range of diverse content. Join us on this incredible journey as we reshape the world of words!