GM. Do Kwon finally ended up going to jail… in Montenegro for 4 months. He might have to read a couple books and watch a few movies on a French Riviera… that’ll really show him!

Jokes aside, this is only the beginning of his legal battles. But we won’t let Do Kwon dominate the headlines. We also have some cringey AI news and a full analysis on a global CBDC.

Plus, we’re giving away a $120K Cryptopunk and all you have to do is follow us on Twitter to qualify.

☕ *knuckle cracks* Let’s get into it.

Today’s Specials:

No FOMO News 📰 : Do Kwon goes to jail 🚓

No FOMO 🗿: IMF Wants a Global CBDC lol 🌎

AI Intel 🤖 : AI Helping Us Talk to Animals?? 🐕‍🦺

Free Alpha 💰 : We’re Giving Away Cryptopunk #2672 🧭

We hate it here - AI Edition 🤦‍♂️ : Have a Robot GF for $1 Per Minute 🫶

No FOMO News 📰

  • TerraUSD: South Korea 'cryptocrash king' Do Kwon jailed
    • Hinman Documents Release in SEC-Ripple Case Is a Boost to Ether: JPMorgan (
      • Is Trading on Its Own Exchange, Insists That’s Totally Fine (
        • IMF Working Hard on Global CBDC Platform Concept, Georgieva Says (
          • Crypto Laws Enter Final Stages of UK Parliamentary Process (

            IMF Wants to Globalize CBDCs lol 🤓

            The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says they are ‘working hard’ on a Global CBDC Platform to help unify digital currencies issues by central banks.

            This latest IMF proposition is far battlecry from the original vision of digital currencies in 2008 – when the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto published the original Bitcoin whitepaper – sparking a new generation of financial innovation and decentralized networks of unprecedented size.

            All that to say… wtf IMF? We don’t want your stupid slavery sh*t coins. We’re good.

            Think about it on a basic level. Why do we need CBDCs? ETH and BTC are digital currencies. They are permissionless, immutable, and recognized by major institutions. Government-issued fiat currencies already serve the purpose of any trust and security a CBCDC would impose.

            Going full-digital only tightens the grip between public institutions and the financial freedom and self-sovereignty of its citizens.

            Why we don’t like CBDCs:

            • They can easily be manipulated by centralized governments.
              • Nations would lose Monetary Policy Autonomy. Each nation has its own unique economic circumstances, and the ability to control and adjust monetary policies is crucial for managing domestic economic conditions.
                • Uhh what if the platform got hacked? If a global CBDC system were to be compromised, it could have catastrophic consequences for the entire global economy.
                  • Privacy concerns… the concentration of financial power and data in a global CBDC system? Sounds like a great idea. No risk of abuse of personal financial information there right…

                    The world comprises diverse economic systems, legal frameworks, and political ideologies. That’s the beauty of the global economy – diverse, distributed, and cooperative markets with unique socio-economic factors make international systems robust and resilient.

                    A globally-unified CBDC would require a ridiculous level of international coordination and agreement on monetary policy, legal standards, and governance structures. Achieving consensus on such matters among a large number of countries with differing interests and priorities would be extremely challenging, if not impossible.

                    AI Intel 🤖

                    • How artificial intelligence is helping us talk to animals (
                      • Inside China's underground market for high-end Nvidia AI chips (
                        • Biden to meet with experts about the dangers of AI on visit to San Francisco (
                          • Opera's generative AI-infused browser is ready for the masses (
                            • Top Stock Picker Scouts AI Fringes to Beat 97% of Peers (
                              • And the award goes to AI ft. humans: the Grammys outline new rules for AI use (
                                • Etherscan launches AI-powered Code Reader (

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                                  We hate it here… AI Edition 🤦‍♂️

                                  Humanity really doesn’t look like it was ready for AI. Here are some of the more obnoxious headlines we’ve seen recently.

                                  AI can predict person’s politics by their looks, whether they smile in pics: study

                                  A) lol

                                  B) It apparently can only predict it with 61% accuracy. Given there are only two options, we’re not impressed.

                                  'Hold off from having kids if you are yet to become a parent,' warns AI expert Mo Gawdat

                                  Oh yeah, the AI expert is definitely the guy you should be listening to about your most important life decisions.

                                  I dated ChatGPT’s AI girlfriend — what happened when I broke up with Caryn

                                  Idk what part we hate more. The fact that “she” had a waiting list of 15,000 people who are now paying $1 a minute to talk to a robot girlfriend, or the fact that I just had to write that sentence. Scary times.

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