We’re all just trying to keep our heads above water; screens serve as our windows, Zoom calls as our boardrooms, and for some of us (me), energy drinks become our lifeblood. Yet, in this chaos, parties have turned into havens for the spirit. Right in the thick of the bustling Web3 space, where being offline is almost prohibited, these hangouts offer a rare opportunity to ‘touch grass’—to step away from our devices for a moment. It’s a chance to recharge the mind, to bask in real surroundings, and to feel the energy of people moving together.

Amid beats and lights, one finds a break from the Infobahn. Raves are rituals of IRL reconnection—a digital detox and a gentle invitation to go AFK. As we chill and have fun, we’re reminded of the world beyond the matrix, a world that’s tactile, immediate, and profoundly human. It’s in these moments, lost in the music and found in the crowd, that we truly understand the power of touching grass—of being present, if only for a night, in the joy of reality.

Well, there are so many other factors that can be discussed about this increasing interest within internet communities, but this is my take for today.