A boy's childhood is different from a girl's childhood.

He used his unwashed hands to grab a chicken foot and put it in his mouth.

He caught a few small beetles and ran up to the girl. He only heard a scream of "Ah" and laughed happily.

I rushed out of the classroom as soon as the get out of class was over. During class, I was sweating profusely, smelling bad, and was very excited to play.

He peed and ran away without flushing the toilet.

I was left by the teacher to make up my homework, but I wanted to play basketball. As soon as I finished the homework, my hands started to feel itchy and I had to do it tomorrow.

Just these small planes disappeared with a "whoosh" sound.

I didn’t do well in the exam, so I told my classmates that I got 100 points.

I bought a new piece of clothing, but as soon as I went out, there was a hole in it.

It's a stinging nose that I don't want to wipe.

Just sitting in the car and riding rockingly around, it was so happy.

Just press that button, and the machine gun will sound, and the battle will begin with "dong-dong".

Children who see aliens are in trouble, or make phone calls, or see volunteers.