If we observe from the right place, the universe does revolve around you.

You are the focus of this peace, as much as I don’t attest that I’m selfish, I do tend to write about me, even if it’s for you. Like now … ugh. Well, what can we do?

It’s a wonder how so many of us have had the honour of crossing paths with you. Miraculous even than one person could be so much in everything that they do, funny how you think you’re someone the universe isn’t paying attention to.

You climb into hearts and soothe minds, without leaving the world behind.

You hide behind layers, layers of beauty and truth disguised as shame and distrust. Your own creeping thoughts that what you are is not enough, or rather too much - trying to dilute the wonders of you. But when a gust of hope kicks in and the world gets a glimpse of your soul, all we see is beauty. Though, shy ourselves, we know not what to do. It’s a pleasure to simply know you. I thank you for residing so near. The “other side of the ocean” you say? It’s a blessing you’re still so close, so clear. - With a heart like that you’re practically right here.

There’s a journey one goes on when they encounter you.

You often carry yourself with a smile and sometimes you wear it on the inside of your shirt. Sometimes it’s not there at all. But if that neighbour in the universe who you’ll never see again needs it, you’ll uncover it to unfurl and offer it with kindness. You do what you do and you do it best. Your hope helps the vessel beating in one’s chest. And here we go again. You wander through the halls and reduce the pain. The ice of a room is thawed as you walk in, the air sweet with fun-loving. Laughter, smiles, joy, the only pain you cause is the stitch in the stomach when one chuckles till one bawls. You ask questions and you care, we never knew answers were worth so much till your interest made it clear.

The path doesn’t seem simple for someone like you.

You were sent here to lead a beautiful life not necessarily to be fed one, and in your recurring efforts you remind us that even those who have suffered burdens of huge weight on their plate, can carry themselves and decide to write a great fate.

You give hope when all else fails.

You’ve been challenged and impaled with strike after strike, strife after strife. Yet you still serve love in this life. It’s a tender thing, that which you do; to still share kindness after all you’ve been through. Some days you say oh it’s not that bad compared to what others must endure; it’s a piece of cake this, and on other days you exclaim I’m trying to see the good in this pain, but I just can’t take it. Yet you try anyway. You’re careful and aware that when your despair is near it mustn’t spoil another soul’s day. Sometimes you trip up and your composure takes a fall, but my love you’re a beam of love and we’re all human after all. The regret you feel makes it ever clear your kindness is real, and so we push on.

Why are you such an abundance of everything we need? I have no idea, all I know is we are glad you’re here.

You give flowers with thoughts which are beyond count and will never die. You are a depth of peace as darkness is the night sky. I wonder how your warmth resonates so clear, to stand beside you is much like losing the ability to fear. How do you inspire hope and eradicate fear? How do you bring people together full of love and cheer? You make me want to leave the house. Oh dear love you are something else. You let the lonesome feel heard and seem, I turn away from shooting stars to see you pearls beam.

There’s no question about it, even when you curl up in your shell to be a recluse, the joy is still felt from the love you let loose. You are what we aspire to be. You are the bedrock of the rough sea.

It’s crazy what your energy can do.

You make us believe.

You make me believe in stars that light the sky, because long after you are gone as much as we’ll cry - as much as the sorrow felt by the world will thicken the air and cloud the sky, we’ll see the shimmers of the love you blessed this universe with as you walked by.

You are more than just a legend, your meaning embellished in the eternities of souls. The words you share live etched into another’s mind. Remember. The help you leant a stranger that inspired them to be more kind.-Will forever be here. Changing this world. Thank you for helping us be better than we thought possible.

Somehow you still do not know.

You give and you give though you remain unaware. So many can see it. You sew hope as you show you care. The gift of listening you gave which saved a lonely life. The encouraging words which made that stranger try, try, try, try again. Until they found success. You say it’s not much but you save the world with love. We want to do our best.

It’s amazing how the comfort of you is so well grounded you don’t have to *do*.

You could say nothing at all and we’d still want to hear. The rhythm of your heartbeat a symphony to my ears. Knowing you exist makes us feel better in this world. It feels possible to continue because with you there’s joy to share. We know you struggle, the things you go through. We all get our share …but, it seems the Kind get more than their own handful of difficulties to tame. You love unconditionally, does that insight life to maim?

The reasons forever unclear.

The pain may strain beyond days.

I know we don’t feel it in the same way. We’re just asking…Please stay.

We love that you’re here.