The distant tomorrow is waiting, and I will wave goodbye to this past event.​

There will be a new day.​

Song is something that everyone has and belongs to everyone.​

The blank space in life will be painted by us.​

Blank? Will be relieved by the tears we shed!​

Our song will be sung from now on,

Even if tomorrow is still far away, even if we go through all kinds of difficulties and dangers,

Will also move forward bravely!​

A touch of July is coming, a touch of sadness, a touch of joy...

July, a touch of joy. Late spring and early summer, late June and early July.​

A complete end is about to come...

Everything is over.​

The dreamy angel, as if still far away,

The world begins to fall apart,

The dream created by the angel has just begun...

Everything will be rearranged,

Everything seems to be just an accident.​

But it is unforgettable,

What should we do?​

I want to say that I am really tired...

So, let’s end it like this, there will be new things.​

It's over, everything...forget it!