The human heart is full of obstacles, just as the earth is hindered by interference and is speckled with refuting objections. We see shadows in front of us because our companions have sunlight.

Frustration is like leaving abrupt ink marks on a long scroll in memory. Some people are so worried about this that they forget that there is beautiful scenery around them. Optimistic people change the ink mark into a small flower, and it is not an extension of Luoling's memory? Bing Xin said that life will inevitably have twists and turns; like a tree, life will inevitably have wind and rain. External objects make you happy or sad mainly by telling you how to look at them. What's so strange about the first floor? Du Shao's five-character swan song, Fan Xiwen's two-character inspiration, Teng Zijing's failure and prosperity, and Lu Yang's three faults will make him drunk. Even if life is full of struggles, the unchanging faith and courage are like a beam of light. They are waiting to defeat the darkness at the exit of life.