For most people, self-confidence and rationality can solve 80% of social problems, while the remaining 20% are due to experience and skills.

Therefore, the more you seek evidence of your own incompetence and mistakes from others' feedback, and the more you feel stupid, the more you are in a bad situation. You don't need to worry too much about others' reactions, because it's not important, even if you make mistakes, others may not appreciate you, or even reject you.

Because this is a process that every successful person goes through constantly, you only need to focus on one thing, which is to establish your own value. At a certain point, you need to be very sharp, and then everything will be solved.

That is, solving social problems often does not lie in the social itself, so there is no need to worry so much. You should settle down and hone certain strengths. When you have your own value, whether it's your own mentality, feedback you receive, or social skills, they will all intersect and spiral upward to achieve success.

You are never at fault, you just need to establish the value of a certain point and then cut through all the obstacles you encounter. Self-denial is not about whether it is right or wrong, but the things you need to solve are not in this dimension at all.