The reason why you need to maintain a sense of clarity in your interactions with the outside world is that you can't understand at once what kind of mentality and reason others have for their reactions to you, and the reality is very complex and changeable.

People who are too sensitive will over-speculate their own problems without understanding, but in essence, they are only scaring themselves and denying themselves.

So in reality, if someone has a bad attitude, what you need to do is not to process so much inner drama. If he has a bad attitude, it's just his bad attitude, and that's all.

You should stay away if you can, and you should confront if you can. Afterwards, you can slowly review the situation, but reviewing the situation is not to deny yourself, but to see the logic behind it and put yourself in their shoes. Knowing more people will help you find a circle that thrives on you.

After facing those mistakes, you don't need to forcefully reflect on them, because you can leave and not get entangled.