We all know the joys of writing — the rush of inspiration, the satisfaction of a well-turned phrase, the thrill of seeing our ideas unfold on paper (or screen). Yet, as delightful as this journey can be, there are also times when it feels like we're sailing in uncharted waters, especially when it comes to seeking genuine, meaningful feedback on our work.

At t2, we understand this struggle all too well. We know there are many among us are feeling a bit lost, particularly those who are still early in their writing journey and have yet to find their community. Perhaps, like us, you've pondered, "Whom can I trust to provide unbiased, on-point feedback?"

To help address this challenge and make this journey a bit less lonely and a lot more enjoyable, we've launched an exciting new initiative—the t2 Virtual Writing Coach Programme.

What is the Programme About? 📚

Our Virtual Writing Coach Programme is all about you - the creators, the authors, the poets, the storytellers of our community. Here’s what you get when you hop onboard:

  • Personalised feedback on your writing from an experienced, award-winning writer and poet
    • An environment to imbibe new writing techniques and styles

      Why Are We Doing This? 🤔

      We firmly believe that feedback serves as the steering wheel that guides a writer in their path to creative excellence. However, our programme is more than just a driving lesson:

      • It's about creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their work, irrespective of their style, genre, or experience level
        • It seeks to instill in everyone the practice of providing constructive feedback to their fellow writers, thereby contributing to our community's collective growth
          • It aims at rolling out a red carpet for diverse stories, where every voice matters and every story resonates

            What Kind of Feedback Can You Expect? 🧐

            Our philosophy for feedback is honesty wrapped in kindness. The feedback you'll receive is centered on enhancing your writing skills through constructive critique paired with genuine encouragement. We understand that sharing your work can feel vulnerable, which is why our focus is on creating a safe, respectful environment where you can grow with confidence.

            Meet Annie, our writing coach 👏