Now I am drawing my eyebrows in front of the mirror, but I don’t have much experience. Moreover, the eyebrow pencil I bought last semester was the first time I bought it, but I didn’t say that I would do it regularly. , maybe it was because I had a little bit of a temper when I bought it and then I drew some, but at those times the drawings were very funny, and there might be some very cute ones. If you show it this time, it might be very high in the eyes of others. It looks very cute, but in my eyes there is a little bit of embarrassment. Maybe the drawing is not particularly symmetrical, or is it particularly easy to make it thicker or thinner, especially if it is too If it is thick, it will be funny and embarrassing, but others will think it is cute. Maybe I like Crayon Shin-chan more, and I also like people with thick eyebrows.