My name is Huang Liqiong. I just turned 45 years old, I'm 5'2", 110 pounds, and I have a pair of 36D breasts that any girl would be proud of. Seriously, they are definitely the best part of my body, they are perky and round. Maybe because of my Japanese ancestry, my skin is very fair, but I have always wanted to have bronze skin. However, it may be the same genes that give me a flat stomach and long, sexy legs.

I’m not bragging, I’m actually pretty good-looking. Even after my husband died, many men tried their best to sleep with me. But I grew up in a devout family, so I always believed that true love is holy and sex is just for Just to give birth to a child, sex is not required in daily life. And this is how I taught my only son, Tommy, that sex before marriage is not allowed, and people must remain chaste, regardless of men or women. As the saying goes, sexual intercourse is the first of all evils! So my son was still a virgin until he graduated from college and got married. And tomorrow afternoon, my good son, 24-year-old Tommy, will get married to his college girlfriend.

Of course, that girl is also a virtuous woman and will still be a virgin on the night of the wedding. The preparations for the wedding are complicated and I have been busy these past few weeks. There were a lot of things going on that day, and I, who was going to be a grandma, was so busy that I secretly went home to catch up on a nap alone.

At this time the phone rang, "I'm looking for Li Qiong." A woman's voice came from the phone.

I didn't recognize the voice and replied, "That's me. Who are you?"

"You may not remember me, but I am Lan Xiang, your colleague many years ago."

"Ah, Lan Xiang, of course I remember you! How are you now?" I remembered immediately.

Lan Xiang When I was still working (I haven’t had to work since my marriage, and my husband also has a large inheritance), we were not very close. I remember one time some gangsters teased her and called her "little slut" in front of everyone. I stood up and scolded those gangsters away. Since I am considered a high-level person in the company and have always been very strict, those gangsters were somewhat in awe of me, and they never tried to deal with Lan Xiang again after that.

At that time, Lan Xiang was a very ordinary lady, a little chubby, and liked to wear heavy makeup. Maybe it was because of this that she attracted the attention of the gangsters. Apart from that, she never meddles in other people's business and has been married and divorced. After that, she was very grateful that I stood up to help her and kept saying that if I asked her to help with anything, she would definitely do it.

Lanxiang was silent on the phone for a while, and finally said: "Liqiong, do you have a few minutes? I have something to tell you."

"Of course. Tell me!" I became interested. Lanxiang seemed a little embarrassed at first, so she took a big detour and told me about her past, such as how she changed multiple jobs and finally moved to Mong Kok, etc. Recently, she heard from an old colleague that Tommy was getting married, and she wanted to congratulate me. She knew Tommy was a good boy. I listened patiently to what she said here and there.

Finally, Lan Xiang seemed to muster up the courage: "Liqiong, I ended up dating a man who provided call girl services. Please don't think that I am a dirty person. I...well, I am also working with him now." Lan Xiang fell silent, waiting for my response.

I was shocked and didn't know how to respond. Is Lanxiang telling me that she is now a call girl? My old coworker became a prostitute? ?

"Li Qiong, are you still listening?" Lan Xiang asked worriedly when she couldn't hear my response.

"Oh, I'm still here, keep talking!" I suppressed my shock and thought to myself, why is she telling me this?

"Well, my boss, well, he told me a few days ago that he received an appointment to hold a farewell bachelor party for a man named Tommy Chan at the East Tsim Sha Tsui Hotel this Friday. Liqiong, I knew he was your son as soon as I heard it." Lan Xiang told me carefully.

My head feels like it's going to explode, this can't be true! There was no way Tommy was going to have an orgy with a call girl, he knew how much I valued loyalty and chastity.

After I calmed down my emotions, I mustered up my confidence and said, "Lan Xiang, you must have made a mistake, is it another Tommy? I believe that my Tommy will not secretly do such a thing behind my back."

"No, Li Qiong, I asked someone to check, and he is really your son. I'm sure of it."

Lanxiang then answered my questions one by one. She provided a lot of details about the party and their reservation. I really couldn't believe it was true. Tommy did have a bachelor party the night before the wedding with the friend he had mentioned, but he said it was just drinking and playing poker. After hearing the details described by Lan Xiang, she realized that her customer was really Tommy, and the content of the reservation was that Tommy would arrange for a mature and experienced call girl to serve him and his groomsmen in their hotel room on Friday. The time and place are right.

Lan Xiang said that the appointment definitely mentioned that the call girl would provide sexual services to the five men present. I can hardly describe the anger in my heart. My son actually engaged in a carnival with prostitutes before marriage! I don’t know how I ended the conversation with Lanxiang. My mind was filled with thoughts of Tommy’s betrayal of my education. If this is what he wanted, he would have to pay the price! Anger and betrayal led me to plan my revenge.

The next day, I called Lanxiang and talked with her for a long time. Lanxiang truly told me that she didn't mean to hurt me, she felt I should know about it, and she was always grateful to me for that incident in the past. I have made a rough plan for revenge in my mind. If Lanxiang can help me, my plan may work.

I asked Lanxiang if she could arrange with the boss for her to pick up the appointment. Lanxiang was surprised when she heard my request. She said that she would not be willing to provide sexual services to my son because she regarded me as a good friend. . I told her my plan truthfully: "Lanxiang, no, please take this appointment. I want to go in your place. If my son wants to play with women outside without telling me, I will give him a The bachelor party of a lifetime and a big lesson!”

Lan Xiang understood and laughed: "Okay, listen, Liqiong, if you are serious, I have an idea. If a new woman joins us and she picks up guests for the first time, we A veteran will be sent to arrange the details of the transaction. We can go to their hotel together, and I will pretend to be a veteran, that is, your agent. Because they only paid one person, I will not provide services. I will tell them that you are our new woman and it is your first time to pick up a guest, so you can’t let go yet.”

Lan Xiang thought for a moment: "I can also say that you are already married and you came out to be a call girl because your sex life with your husband was unsatisfactory and you wanted to try a new man. In this way, we can say that you Be willing to provide sexual services, but don't show off because you don't want your husband to find out. Li Qiong, you won't believe how many sex-starved housewives do exactly that. I can also put a mask on you. face and tell them that all "services" must be done one-on-one with you in a dark room so that your identity is less likely to be discovered."

"Great!" I really wanted to ruin Tommy and the call girl's party. I figured as the life of the party, his partner would let him be the first to "enjoy" the hired prostitute, and once he was in the room, I wanted to see where he would go if he really wanted to. If he had sex with a hired stranger, I would expose him on the spot, and he would have no choice but to admit his nastiness, and he would have to pathetically beg for my forgiveness. If everything goes according to plan, he will never have such lewd thoughts again.

On the weekend, Lan Xiang came to my residence as promised. Tommy had gone to the hotel with his friends three hours ago, and we, tonight's "call girls," were supposed to go to their room at 9 o'clock.

I haven't seen Lanxiang for three years. I was surprised to find that she looked much sexier than before. She was no longer chubby, and she was very beautiful in dress and appearance. I opened a bottle of wine to entertain her, and while we drank the wine I asked her about the job of a call girl. Lanxiang patiently introduced me to the services and practices they provide, such as oral sex, intercourse, anal sex, deep throating and prices, etc. I started to get nervous and drank the wine quickly.

Lanxiang brought me a bag of sexy costumes, some wigs and a carnival-style mask. After a lot of drinking, I ended up settling on a jet-black wig that was twice as long as my hair and hung down to my waist. This wig completely changed the look of my original short hair. The mask Lan Xiang brought was very large and had feathers on it. It completely covered my forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks. Except for my lips with blood-red lipstick, my face could not be seen.

I tried on all five of the "work clothes" that Lan Xiang brought with her, and I decided to wear the most glamorous one. It's not so much a costume, it's really just very revealing lingerie, very high heels, the thin heels are 7 inches long, I know men secretly call them "whore" heels. Next up were long black fishnet stockings and matching lace garters. Wearing a black silk thong and a black lace bra, my firm breasts almost bulged out of the bra. The thong completely exposed my butt, and the thin silk in front could barely cover my private parts. .

Lanxiang looked on and said that I was really charming and would be very successful in this industry. With my fair skin, bright red lips, and black underwear, I couldn’t recognize the voluptuous woman in the mirror. I thought with great satisfaction: "Tommy, you'll see something nice later!"

I put on a knee-length coat over the sexy lingerie, put the mask in my bag, and nervously set off with Lanxiang.

I arrived at the hotel soon and walked into the lobby. When I thought about my "customers", there were Tommy, Johnson, Peter, Samuel and Dick. They had known me as my aunt three years ago. I started to get nervous, but Lan Xiang led the way and told me to relax with a smile: "Sweetheart, don't worry, no one can recognize you, you can't even recognize yourself!"

In the elevator, I carefully put on my mask. After getting out of the elevator, Lanxiang found the room and knocked on the door. Dick answered the door. Dick is married. He has always been a good husband at home and very polite to me. I like him quite a lot, but I can't believe that he is also involved in soliciting prostitutes. I started to tremble all over. I thought I had drank a little too much when I was at home with Lan Xiang.