Regarding someone else's question, I don't want to respond to him now. Like what he said in the past, I will feel that the two of us are traveling after all. In the end, the companion who goes out to travel together is still more or less, and there should be Give the other person some respect, and the other person is actually quite nice to you occasionally, right? It's rare to have the idea of ​​making yourself feel that he is also very nice, but at least he is actually going out with you. When playing, I can give myself a sufficient sense of security. Although sometimes I am worried, saying that I have a bad temper for no reason or I get sick for no reason, but I also have that sense of trust in me. , you still have to give it to yourself. But later on, I felt that I didn’t really want to go out with him so much and just went out for fun. I felt that as long as I found a new companion with whom I could go out for outing, then it would be okay. I immediately rejected him and made all the invitations to myself, because I felt that if I went out with him, to be honest, if I could only experience the joy that other more secure people gave me, this would You will find that he is really not a very good partner.Don't want to respond