Human life is like a rushing flood. If you don't encounter islands or reefs in your life, it will be difficult to stir up beautiful waves. If reality is this shore, then the ideal is the other shore. The two ends are separated by the rushing river, and there is a wooden bridge leading to the other shore.

A person without ideals is like an empty shell without a soul. He only has a gorgeous appearance but is empty inside. A person who has lost his ideals will live like a ship without sails, drifting in the vast sea all day long and losing progress. direction.

Ideal is the compass that directs the direction, guiding you to your goals and direction in the vast sea; reality is the dock where ships set sail. If you don’t start from the reality of the harbor, your ideal will be just a mirage that will never be touched.

Ideal and reality seem to be good friends with a tacit understanding, and there is no conflict between them: if the ideal is lost, reality is so mediocre; if reality is abandoned, the ideal becomes an arc kissing the sea and the sky, elusive and out of reach.