I don’t know, have you ever heard of such a sentence:

A day more to live is a day less to live.

Please don't laugh at my pessimism. I really think this sentence is right.

A day more to study is a day less to study;

A more happy day is a less happy day;

A day with more worries is a day with less worries;

Enjoying a day more is enjoying a day less;

A day more with you is a day less with you.

Parting is always something we have to face.

But your indifference makes me sad.

There will always be collisions in the small universe, and there will always be black people and black people hiding. However, I really don’t care anymore. I actually know what you think.

I'm not the kind of pretty, cute, domineering yet gentle little girl, or the kind of good boy you like very much. Instead, I felt like I was bad. right? Strength is just my surface. Only in front of you can I find the truest side. Maybe you don't know, because maybe I don't matter in your heart at all.