Maybe t2 ain't a place meant for fiction, but I'm gonna throw some your way anyway. It's short, it's scary, and it's what I do. This horror story has appeared on Mirror and Paragraph as well as web2 spaces. Enjoy!

~ Tom

It crept from the dollhouse on spiderlegs, too many joints, too many limbs.

Alexandra watched it first in fascination then with a growing dread that made her kidneys shrivel.

She’d named the doll Admordeo, a name which had merely slipped into her mind the moment the porcelain-cotton thing had been placed into her hands by her odd Aunt Chelsea. Aunt Chelsea, who favored the macabre in her dress, her entertainment, and her thought.

But Admordeo was a mouthful, just like Alexendra, so Alex started calling her Addie.

That had been yesterday. No — today. Earlier today.

Alex wanted to look at her green digital clock, but was afraid that if she took her eyes off the slowly crawling thing from the dollhouse, Addie would disappear, just like spiders always disappeared the very instant you went to get a swatter or shoe.

So Alex didn’t look away, though she intuited it was quite late. Too late to shout for Mom or Dad — they’d be so angry if she woke them again.

Addie, on her delicate hands and feet, crept closer still, her head up and bright black eyes staring at Alex. Some starlight filtered through Alex’s window, softened by sheer curtains, but she could see. Yes, she could see the doll’s eyes as black as sharks’ and the way Addie’s small mouth slowly began to grin.