In the Web3 world, my BNB has increased several times, and I feel very happy every day.

I hope that the future life will be gentle and interesting, not too intense, with three meals and four seasons, not too rushed.

No matter how tough it looks, what I love most in my heart is still the gentle story.

The gentleness of the world is nothing more than the fragrance of flowers dyed by the wind, straying into deep alleys, there is no need to be deliberately refined, live in the present moment

And having joy in your heart is beautiful.

But I don't know what's going on with my beoble. I always can't log in, and my mood goes up and down along with beoble.

No matter how complicated it is, it will eventually lead to peace and simplicity. Things are like this, people are like this, and I hope my mood will be the same.

In the leisurely years of grass and trees, let's spend a period of time filled with the fragrance of flowers, soak in the warm fragrance of a garden, pour a cup full of tenderness, and be happy, happy, and at ease when things happen. Is it because the BNB I bought skyrocketed? I hope I can calm down.

Drink a cup of tea until it is tasteless, read a book without words, live ordinary days until there are no regrets, the heart is the starting point of everything, act on it, cherish it, and be clear. He raised his eyes and saw the mountains and rivers, which were in good condition. He lowered his eyebrows and looked like fireworks, and the fireworks were as usual. What I am thinking about now is when to sell my BNB. No matter what happens in the bull market or the bear market, I can treat it with a normal heart.