Below, the reading of objects is rolling in at an unstoppable rate. In the midst of it, where should we go?

Every day, we are bombarded by the constant flow of information, and complete, in-depth, and rich "deep reading" is fighting against superficial reading. When careful consideration and calm rationality are reduced to bits and pieces of patchwork details, the essence of reading is distorted. I think this is the tragedy of reading, and even more of the tragedy of culture; this is a personal tragedy, and also a tragedy for our group. sorrow.

Fragmented reading can be seen everywhere in the streets - check out a few inspirational Weibo messages in the morning and evening, catch up on today's news on the Internet, and read the e-book "Flash Sale" online novel after get off work - we sorted out the reading time and used simplified Language explains a greater amount of information. We can enjoy a quick bowl of chicken soup for the soul with a little energy in the rapid pace of life. However, we have forgotten that although chicken soup is good, it does not fill us up.