Relying on traditional social media metrics to gauge the new age of social is a misstep. These metrics are relics of the past, tied to outdated contexts that fail to align with today's emerging technology and societal trends.

Initially, tech shifted us online with immediate utility. Was easy as being online was new. Products focused on DAU models bc it was the only way to monetize their products on the tech stack.

1. The societal backdrop now is completely different

Consumers don’t want another platform whose goal is to have them rewarded for clicking dopamine schizophrenia and mindless scrolling.

Take Reddit, for example, with its low 7% DAU/MAU ratio, emphasize quality experiences over daily usage, demonstrating its worth despite infrequent visits. $5bn and even considered undervalued with its upcoming IPO. But if you looked at this in isolation without qualitative context - you'd say Reddit is a failure. But I say, Reddit is aligned with societal changes. Also look at emerging apps such as @jotappai_ built intentionally different for a newer human context.

2. Metrics are routed in what's feasible within the existing tech infrastructure

Adhering to conventional metrics means overlooking the immense potential of the tech stack at our disposal. This is radically changing with onchain technology.

With onchain social we have the opportunity to develop products that prioritize novel metrics linked to new definitions of "meaningful user engagement" in entirely new ways. Because the tech and value accrual systems are entirely different.

TLDR; For metrics, context maters. True innovation will and always bring new metrics. But that takes time. Web3 has the power to blend (1) and (2) together to radically change the game.

Or else we're just dressing up a skeleton.