The excessive anxiety about survival is often given by parents. If parents only transfer their own feelings of weakness and fear of survival to their children, it is actually fine, and to some extent, it will stimulate the child's action.

Although the inner pain may not be abandoned, it is often accompanied by high expectations, which is the biggest killer that truly destroys a rising inspirational youth.

Because as long as a person is willing to start from small things and take what they can do in front of them as an outlet when facing the fear of survival, then this person can basically get rid of the fear of survival through their own actions, and this is in line with the logic of growth, and instead becomes the most down-to-earth person who can succeed.

High expectations represent that this person cannot start from small things, but is passively forced to become a person who must be high-minded but low-handed.

Without a high starting point, it is impossible to resolve the underlying fear, but people cannot start with a high starting point, so such people are prone to do nothing in the process of searching for a high starting point, which further exacerbates anxiety.

Therefore, they can just do whatever they want, you just do your own thing step by step, and directly rejecting will not make you a loser.