You see what you strengthen.Many people's lack of self-confidence and internal consumption is the continuous superimposition of their sense of unworthiness.

Incessantly looking at their weak links through repeated self-scrutiny,this is essentially a form of self-hypnosis,continuously strengthening their lack of self-control.But you need to understand that weakness is infinite.

This neither represents objective facts,nor can it be a form of self-salvation.It's just a vague self-evaluation.Therefore,what you need to strengthen are the parts that you have already completed,the one that inspire you,the ones that give you a sense of intuition.

Your strengths didn't suddenly appear;rather,you've transformed the parts of yourself that you constantly scrutinize into not giving up on any possible victories.Then you repeatedly superimpose this sense of worthiness,and strengthen your victories and the control of your victories over your willpower.

Then you have completed your salvation.This is your choice,not some so-called self-judgment.Self-judgment is about self-achievement,not self-destruction.

You need to be a strong person who controls their own destiny,rather than a week person who is controlled by this accumulated past state.