Speaking of a deep subconscious, the impatience and the desire for quick success in many people may not necessarily be a pure mistake; it could also be because they are inherently talented. They don't need to go to Rome because they were born in Rome.

In their subconscious, they are aware that they lack very little in many aspects. They can quickly grasp many high-quality things. However, at the moment, nothing seems right. It is a scarcity of opportunities, a scarcity in higher dimensions.

But once they decide to make an effort and start from some lower-level things, they feel like it's a waste of time. People around them seem foolish, and they can't learn anything. They also don't want to socialize; it's a very meaningless struggle.

So, they fall into a state of wanting to quickly break free from this meaningless struggle, enter a state of doing something meaningful. It's not really a desire for quick success because, once a suitable opportunity arises, such individuals become more dedicated and committed than others.

There's a girl in such a state, and when she asked me what changes she should make, I told her she doesn't need to change anything because she's right. It's just a matter of waiting for the right opportunity. Regardless of what happens, she must stick to herself. She just needs to enter an industry where she has a high probability of getting opportunities.

Later, she changed to a job completely unrelated to her major, and I fully supported her. Subsequently, her entire demeanor changed. There was no more impatience and incoherence. Instead, she became positive, cheerful, and had a strong subjective willingness to learn. It felt like everything was right.

Life's circumstances are unpredictable. What you need to see clearly is not the current situation, but to believe in certain deep intuitions. Changes in circumstances should not erase the pride in your heart and that fire within.

Don't easily deny yourself. The gap between people sometimes needs to be bridged, but many times it's just due to different circumstances. Don't easily self-doubt; just do what needs to be done.