When ChatGPT first appeared, it was recommended to people around me, but many people reported that ChatGPT was not easy to use, and if you wanted to get accurate answers, the way of asking questions was too cumbersome. Some even say that it is not helpful for work, and it cannot even play a basic supporting role. Wait, roast like that.

After listening to it, I will never share with others how to use ChatGPT. For those who complain roast, it is true that some shortcomings of ChatGPT itself do not exist. For example, the free knowledge base will only stay in 2021; Many functions are limited. But I really can't stand those people who can't get accurate answers and who don't like the tedious way of asking questions.

Imagine that in our daily life, if we cannot express our opinions accurately, how can others understand our meaning? Technology is to help us improve efficiency, not to replace us. How can you expect that just by saying one point, it can list many related things for you?

For all these roast, I just want to say that these people are also very ordinary in their work, and they can't even communicate effectively with others. In the era of ChatGPT, some people use it to improve their efficiency, empower their work, and earn more money, while others still resist it.

ChatGPT indeed needs to be more perfect and intelligent, but we also need to learn to embrace new technologies with a correct attitude and constantly improve ourselves.