With the rapid development of AI, some people are scared, while others are delighted. Some seize the opportunity, while others are hindered... There are generally two kinds of voices when it comes to this topic. Whether you accept or reject it, artificial intelligence has arrived. It's better to adapt to it rather than exclude or reject it!

I often use AI tools to assist me in my work and studies, and even replace traditional engines. Some people jump out and say, "You don't love thinking anymore, and you will lose your thinking ability in the long run."

I want to ask: Isn't the progress of science supposed to serve people? Can you still see people calculating with abacuses? Do you still need to go to the station to buy tickets? How many people still use cash offline?... There are too many examples of using technology. You are holding a mobile phone right now, isn't that technology?

When it comes to thinking ability, using energy and brainpower on how to calculate, send emails, write scripts (depending on the situation), how much thinking ability is there? Why waste more time to complete something that can be done ?

Instead of doing this, it's better to think about how to earn money, how to improve ourselves. Isn't technology supposed to liberate us and put our energy into more valuable things?