A large collective of web3 advocates, they've banded together from various decentralised organizations like PageDAO and LIT, united by their involvement in the Web3 Writing Hour. With diverse projects ranging from high-level science to mystery fiction, they're setting out to define the space where blockchain and writing merge.

Team Members: 
CD Damito, T. Dylan Daniel, Cryptoversal
Oddwritings, Edward H. Carpenter, Rionna Morgan

The origin of the friendship

We've been friends for a long time, working to ensure Web3 translates to meaningful opportunities to write and earn through organizations like PageDao, LIT, Creatokia, and Vagobond Magazine. We all regularly take part in the Web3 Writing Hour - a weekly X space and Apple Podcast dedicated to the place where blockchain and writing meet. Wanshu came on recently as a guest to the podcast to tell us about the competition, and we formed the team on the spot!

Behind the name

It made sense to us to name ourselves for where and when we formed. We couldn't very well call ourselves the Web3 Writer's Hour so we decided to celebrate our union by making ourselves the Web3 Writer's  Union. It is who we are, man!  We're all about Web3 and writing. In fact, that's how we all became friends. We love to do things together and while many of us have met IRL at events like SXSW, NFT-NYC, and NFT-LA - we would love the opportunity to bring our whole crew together.

The Writing Roadmap

Dylan: For me, it's 3 high level science book reviews and a piece about writing scientific journal articles for peer review. 

CD: I'm going to be writing a novel from the first person perspective of an inanimate object for NANOWRIMO and for FWW, I plan on detailing the challenges and process of undertaking that chance.

Cryptoversal: I don't have plans for specific articles except to sit down and write.

OddWritings: I plan to write an article on the design of a "Poetry - Published" territory for t2 (which is a reply to the t2 post https://app.t2.world/prompt/what-is-a-new-territory-on-t2-that-you-want-to-write-in--clnvx3kyf03171xmc5wjzbuw8)

Rionna: I have a mystery / suspense fiction book coming out soon, and I plan write journal entries for the murderer. Creepy!

Edward: I will be discussing topics of life, death, ethics, futuring and international relations.

This team spotlight is co-created by all team members, and edited by Rionna and Wanshu.